We help you find your goals and reach them.

About coaching:

Coaching is a transformational and deep process that aim to help individuals and groups identifying their needs on a personnel and proffessional level and discovering new methods for real action in life and work.
Working towards fulfillment and innovation is our first concern with our clients.

Our services:

Coaching for self-growth and professional development :

This service is intended for employees, managers and executives as well as individuals.

It includes:
-Offering managers and employees coaching tools and supporting them in the process of self and professional development .
-Coaching teams to reach a well-being state and a high level of performance.
-Helping managers to create successful teams and manage the relationships within the group.

We believe that a solid plan is well needed to empower our clients and unlock their potential. Performance, Soft skills and avoiding burn out are our specilaty.

Our technics provide our clients the required methods and tools to determine and achieve their objectives through structured and sustainable plans.

Coaching for stress management :

We offer this service for professionals as well as particulars to prevent burn out and control their stress level.

Through practical exercises, we train our clients to reduce stress and to anchor a serene state of mind for more efficiency and well-being.

We help them through a series of exercises to get out of impulsiveness and manage their emotions and stress with serenity.

Our methods will provide them a great experience and a healthy well-being.

Coaching for conflict management:

Our main goal is to promote the constructive communication and avoid conflicts so that we open the space for a more cooperative and performant atmosphere in the workplace. We help individuals and professionals to increase their competencies to be able to avoid unnecessary disputes and to resolve those that do arise.

Coaching is not teaching. Its main role is to help our clients improve in all aspects(self-confidence; stress management; time management ; communication; performance…)on a personal and professional level.

Our approach focuses on opening doors instead of building walls.

Areas of expertise :

  • Coaching individuels and groups for self-development and professional performance.
  • Coaching for stress management.
  • Coaching for conflict management.
  • Teams and groups Trainings.

Our process:

  • We offer an introductory free session
  • We undergo a series of sessions depending on the needs of the client.
  • We make a follow up session for the feedback.
  • The price and other details will be discussed in the introductory session.