Companies and Institutions

Our services fit in all sectors and concern all entities.

We provide companies and institutions coaching and mediation and legal services.

Through workshops and/or individual assistance, we help improving communication, preventing very common conflicts in daily relationships and resolving conflicts.

The techniques we use offer managers as well as employees, the tools necessary to establish a solid cohesion with their professional entourage in order to achieve the required objectives with better performance.

The individual and team coaching we conduct aim also to avoid burnout and integrate well into the professional environment.

In the event of a conflict, we are happy to help through the mediation process which is the ideal solution in most cases to obtain a fast, win-win and low-cost solution.

Therefore, if you are a company (or an institution) and you are willing:
to increase your performance in a friendly environment
to acquire tools for constructive communication
to share the values of your goals with your teams
to develop interpersonal skills within your organization
to manage stress and protect yourself and or your employees from burn-out
to find the right process of conflict s prevention and resolution

Zmediation offers you:

  • Professional coaching for teams groups and individuals
  • Mediation as alternative dispute resolution
  • Training workshops

“Nobody who ever gave his best, regretted it”