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Mediation is an innovative method of conflict resolution

About Mediation:

In an increasingly materialistic world, a necessity is essential: To revalue the Human Being and to give him back his place within our society! This need for reorientation undoubtedly justifies the expansion of mediation which demonstrates a humanist method prioritizing the interest of people, their needs and their emotions above all.
Mediation is not only a method of conflict resolution but even more a re-education of people to healthy and productive communication.

What is the mediation ?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process where a third party, the mediator, assists the parties in conflict to reach a voluntary mutually beneficial resolution.

Why opt for mediation ?

Because Mediation is: Affordable, Fast, Impartial and Confidential.

How does mediation function?

Mediation helps improving communication: It provides a neutral and confidential setting in which the parties can openly discuss and share information that help identify important issues, clarify misunderstandings and explore solutions.

Does mediation work?

In most of the cases parties reach full or partial agreement. But in all cases, mediation gives the parties the opportunity to be heard which helps improving their relationship.

Why is mediation so powerful?

Mediation is powerful because the parties in this process are the ones to decide the terms of the settlement. The mediator is not there to give any judgment or to arbitrate.
Both parties have an equal say in the process.
The solution is not always the optimal solution but is definitely a Win-Win solution.

What is the Mediation protocol?

All the details will be clarified in a mediation protocol that will be signed by both the mediator and the parties .This protocol guarantees confidentiality and transparency. The parties can stop the mediation at any moment. No party can be forced to accept it.

Is there a Mediation agreement?

The agreement is signed by the parties and the mediator.
It is a binding engagement based on the binding force of contracts.
The agreements resulting from mediation and co-signed by an approved mediator can easily be made enforceable by a simplified procedure, when they are not voluntarily executed.

Our services:

We offer you civil and commercial mediation in all sectors.
The mediations are provided by certified mediators approved by the Federal Commission of mediation in Belgium and with the collaboration of qualified coaches and psychologists.

Commercial mediation includes all conflicts that fall outside of the family scope and are related to commerce. Example: Disputes between shareholders…
Civil mediation concerns all the legal relations that fall outside the familial and commercial disputes .Examples: disputes between neighbours, between landlords and tenant, contractual liability, extracontractual liability

Our methodology is based on a unique approach that combines both coaching and mediation tools. We use the communication and negotiation techniques.
At the same time, we proceed to coach the parties when needed to help them overcome their blockages, their fears as well as any other obstacle that might interfere in the process causing a delay or a barrier to the solution.
Every issue can be solved by mediation. All sectors are concerned: schools, universities, banks, hospitals…

Our process:

The approximate duration of a mediation for conflict resolution is 3 months. The number of sessions can vary from 2 to 6 sessions depending on the subject matter and the case. The duration of a session is normally 2 hours. It might be longer depending on the subject matter and the specific case.

Mediation is building a bridge to reach each other through a better way communication.

If you need help to solve your conflicts don’t hesitate to reach us at our email: [email protected]

We should keep in mind that arbitration remains the most widely used procedure in international business.

However Mediation may also be used by the parties instead of arbitration in many cases. Mediation presents in addition to the proven advantages a well-deserved credibility increased by the development of the Singapore Convention that encouraged the use of mediation and officially integrated it into the world of international trade.

Mediation can also come to the aid of arbitration by trying to resolve blockages and even better to avoid them.

For small and medium-sized enterprises, our advice is to rely on mediation in the resolution of their conflicts for it provides faster cheaper and more confidential solutions. Even better, we encourage companies and institutions to integrate the principles of positive communication within their establishments in order to prevent conflicts. Coaching is also essential to first avoid and then resolve individual issues that might affect the final outcome of a mediation or arbitration proceeding. The integration of positive communication principles can happen through training workshops based on tools and games that facilitate their assimilation.

We can help you decide which proceeding to choose in order to solve your disputes. We also prepare introductory arbitration and or mediation workshops. Our goal is to promote the use of these alternative dispute resolution processes when the situation allows in order to avoid long and painful legal proceedings.