Transform the negative confrontation into a positive and constructive communication.

Zmediation has created workshops for all people wishing to develop their leadership through interaction with other participants, role plays, scenarios, tools to share, sharing of experiences, informal moments. The workshops take place in a reassuring environment so that everyone can express themselves freely, refocus on their potential and give meaning to what they are experiencing.

Conflicts resolution workshops:

You are looking for tips to prevent conflicts.
You are facing conflicts and need to learn how to deal with them in a rational and balanced way.
Our workshops will help transform the negative confrontation into a positive and constructive communication.

Stress management workshops:

You have a constant stress and you can’t explain the origin?
You want to learn how to manage it and turn it into a tool that pushes you further in your projects?
Our workshops are definitely made for you.
Currently we are preparing a workshop focused on the stress managing.
We will inform you soon about the details.

Personal development workshops:

You are more comfortable in group meetings, you appreciate the power of exchanges and learn as much from the life stories of others as from your own; you also like to share and practice the tools that we will present to you in a fun way. Zmediation workshops are made for you!

Professional development workshops:

You have a company and you would like to share with your employees the values of your objectives.
You are seeking a better performance and a higher productivity and your employees to align with you on the same level.
Our workshops are made for you.

Academic development workshop:

You are a student between 15 and 20 years old and you are struggling to find a productive routine for better performance and higher results.
You are looking for universities and are lost in your choices .
You want to have a clearer vision on what you really want to study.
Our workshops are made for you.
Through scenarios and fun tools, we give you greater well-being and we help you reach higher motivation though our human approach techniques.
Zmediation believes that anything made with passion will multiply the outcome.

« Quand l’amour et le talent travaillent ensemble, attendez-vous à un chef-d’œuvre »


"Customize means, being there to meet your needs!"

Zmediation offers you the opportunity to jointly build a service - support, training, intervention, conflict prevention, etc. - customized to your specific needs and your budget.
We can adjust and adopt our services according to your needs
We invite you to contact us to discuss this.